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what is this potential?

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i got it on my unique lvl 100 archer overall. something like "increase effectiveness of hp items and skills by %d%% +30"
im guessing its probably something dumb like +30 more hp but i cant test it out cuz im lvl 90 and it was the first line so im just being cautious.
also, how much would a unique 2 lined lvl 100 archer overall be worth? tanks
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I think it's 30%?
Mar 10 2011
wow first time i've seen that. haha
Mar 10 2011
% pots don't work with it, just like the skill Alchemist[/quote]

but it says HP so im guessing its worthless sorta?
Mar 10 2011
geoduty Level 117 Renegades Chief Bandit
@iharry: Only if you use % pots
Mar 10 2011

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