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what is your top 3 most respect and least respected class?

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what is your top 3 most respect ed


least respected class in Maple Story?
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SlasherMoon Level 170 Scania Night Lord

Kaiser (sorta...)
and LUMI again (I cant stand them)

(Reason for respecting Jett: I play Jett, and its a very underrated class. Plus books are near non-existent)
May 31 2013
Any explorer

Any phantom who just hangs on ropes and acts like they are a god for having hs.
May 31 2013
RonaldLu Level 215 Khaini Blade Master
Most respected: Bishops that attack and not leech, dark knights and nightlords
Least respected: Leeching bishops, dual blader, and demon slayer
May 31 2013
ILikeTurtles Level 211 Scania Xenon 4
Just explorers
May 31 2013
Funny how people dislike a class because people bandwagon it. They're are players who played a lot of the "hated" classes before they we're op. Not talking about newer classes like Luminous, Kaiser, And Hayato.
May 31 2013
bayliffgeoff Level 201 Windia F/P Arch Mage
No one actually respects bishops lol
May 31 2013
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