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where to train at level 40?

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UsoppStyle Level 200 Khaini Marksman
my xenon is currently 42 and i just went jester just to found out that the exp is CRAPPP now.

so where can i go to get decent %?

thanks in advice.
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willca1 Level 168 Reboot Dark Knight
go to a screcrows mini room jam your missile key return in 5hrs and you'll be like lv 55 or so thats what i did
Jul 06 2013
wsly Level 147 Windia Bishop
5 hrs..
in like 1 hour you could get to 50. go to gold beach, finish all quests. after you finish all quests, grind at the monsters strongest there at the map at the very right..
until level 50. 50 just ludi pq.
Jul 06 2013
UsoppStyle Level 200 Khaini Marksman
how i get to golden beach?
Jul 06 2013
45-50 autolvl from tots crap
Jul 06 2013
wsly Level 147 Windia Bishop
You can get to Gold Beach by the light bulb at the side of your screen.
Jul 07 2013

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