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win or lose?

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koolmunki Level 208 Scania Night Lord
Just wondering if I made good sales or not.
I recently sold a perfected 3L unique 15% luk superior pendant for 15b.
I also am selling a perfected 3L unique 21% str superior pendant for 18b.
And I sold a 3L leg 21% damage/9% att (normal pot) 3L epic (bonus pot) 6%/6% att NL charm for 30b.

Did I under or oversell anything?
Posted: March 2014 Permalink


We're not in the same world, so take what I say with a grain of salt, but it looks like you did well.
Mar 19 2014
weredoggy Level 200 Scania Mihile 4
since you are so rich, I"m gonna say "meso plz" and you'll give me some mesos
Mar 19 2014
koolmunki Level 208 Scania Night Lord
@axnslicer how much would these items go for in bera ?
Mar 19 2014
No one cares. Come back when you get more atk anyways
Mar 19 2014
I'll buy your %str for 1meso
Mar 19 2014

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