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Can someone help me with a HackShield Problem? I have windows 7 64bit. Up until about 2 weeks ago, Maplestory, HakcShield, and everything ran perfect. Then suddenly, HackShield decides to crap out. It tries loading like 3 times in a row, then it stops and gives me an error message. The error is "0x30000030(805306416) Cannot connect to server". I tried a few things on my own a few times then contacted the Nexon help thing. A GM replied in about 3 days and told me to do the very same things I've been trying for a few days. I take my laptop to the IT people at my school and they try a few things. It's talking and connecting to multiple servers, so it's connecting. I've deleted and redownloaded MS like 10 times, each time deleting EVE