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Dub version or Sub version Hello, So I used to watch anime and read manga back in the days and stopped doing the whole thing back in 2006. I used to watch [i]FMA[/i], [i]Death Note[/i] and [i]Green Green[/i] in Japanese with English Subs and then rewatched it in English Dub. From that day I prefered watching the English Dub version because I can enjoy the visuals and understand the words. While the Sub versions I have to read + had to keep up with the visuals so no matter what happened I had to keep my eyes on the screen, and sometimes I do like to look away because someone else will be talking to me or I have to read/answer a text or email. During my absent of anime I continue watching [i]DBZ[/i] fights/transformations on YouTube because i

General Anime

What popular anime character has a beard So there is going to be a anime convention happening soon where I am going to be visiting. I never been to a anime convention and apparently my friends who are going are going to dress up. Cool thing about them that they have no beard. [i]*we are a group of 8 and 4 of us went last year and told us how it was so this year there is a bigger group going[/i] I have a beard and I want to dress up. But I would like to dress up in an outfit that will be cool and something that is popular with older generations. I was thinking of DBZ or FMA or anything that was mainstream and before 2005. [i]Right now I see a nice DragonBall Z Goku outfit for an affordable price but would it be weird seeing a brown guy with