BBD #General Talk


Items gone missing I decided to have a break on MapleStory for [b]2 days[/b] just so I can do homework and play Minecraft. I have all my items but 2 items, I have all my mesos, I have all my NX, I have all my MaplePoints, I have all my scrolls, I have all my power items. [b]BUT[/b] I am missing my Evolving Ring 17 (Tradeable) and Evolving Ring II (Tradeable) I have trade-able for the fact I could during the event. But I have not transferred it to any of my characters. They are not dubed since I did the event. I am wondering if anyone else had an issue like this and maybe this is something Nexon did to protect other accounts by hellbanning them so they don't lose/gain items?


Which Ck is fastest 3rd job? So at the moment I am making a DS to get link skill and to get the level up potion. [i]I made a Cannon and used lv. potion on self and I made a Merc and used lv. potion on my APQ mule.[/i] At the moment it is level 40something and my plan is by Friday it should be level 70 and I will have both the level 30 potion and level 70 potion. I am [b]mainly making the CK for Blessing, but I would like the CK to reach level 120 after[/b]. Since I am skipping level 1 to 70 I don't need to do all that first job and second job thing, but mainly what is fastest third job. My funding is very low (100,000mesos) and I have no NX to spend on pets/2x cards. Potions will be from the Guild G Potion thing we get every Monday.