BBD #Pirate Talk

General Pirate

YARR, now I de be on de ranks. So I became one! Born on October 26, 2008. Got a job from Kyrin on November 12, 2008. Did amazing adventures on the way, met amazing people in the way. Last night (or morning how you see it) I reached the ranks of the Buccaneer Since the basil pirate community helped this much, I must ask for another help. [b]My Sisuation![/b] It is about Dragon Strike. We all know that Dragon Strike is the best skill in the game. It is nice and fast. With Speed Infusion it is even faster! But when I use Transform (blue one) my speed goes down! [b]My Question![/b] [*] Is it better to be transfomred when using Dragon Strike or just be normal. [i]When being trans = 20 atk but the speed is slow.[/i] [*] Does this happen in Super