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Eye Openers Was there ever a time where you thought something was innocent and fun until you realized it was bad when something bad happened while doing it? Well, usually I like to speed and drift during the late late nights(really bad habit </3) which is really fun and stress relieving for me. Well today, 3 of my friends were in my car and we were driving to Wendy's to get a midnight snack. I got a little ambitious and thought I could drift onto this narrow road. I sped up until I reached the turn, tapped the brakes and accelerated while turning to make my back wheels spin. I kinda entered the turn wayy too late and drifted right into the curb. My right front wheel exploded and my front bumper got damaged, but the car was still intact.

General Chat

Musical Instruments Do you guys play musical instruments? If so, what do you play and how did you start playing it? I've been playing the violin for a large portion of my life, actually started in the 4th grade where I joined my school's orchestra. Since my mom forced it on me, I wasn't really interested and I didn't really improve. It took a while until I started appreciating playing, and I wanted to start getting better. That's my story anyways. I'm interested in reading yours :)