HappyFaces #General Talk


Should I make a Cleric while I already have a Priest? :( I want to: - Play MS again - Create a new character (Cleric) and cash it. - Do lots of PQs (CPQ & Ludi are my favorites!) - Make friends What's wrong is: - I had quit for 3 months + - Already have a level 75 lukless Priest. - No friends, everyone deleted me. T~T - I only like playing a character if its at least a bit funded - I have mainly mage equips only: Clean items: 2 MS Shields & Deputy Scrolled items: 7 INT/12 M ATT Single Earring, 8 INT/7 M ATT PAC, 7 INT/92 MS Wand (Doesn't worth much T~T) Beware of my ranting: I enjoy making new characters over and over again. I tried several times stopping myself from excessive remaking characters. I would delete a character and use