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Back to Ms after 2 years? Need P/c please Hi, I recently came back to MS (Scania). The game is so different now, so I would like to sell everything I have for a decent (low) price. Please help me P/C or estimate the worth of these items. I rather start back the game with little to no equips and just a bunch of useless mesos. Thanks! - Beryl Suit (Female) [Epic/2 lines] - Beryl Boots [Epic/2 lines] - Shark Tooth Skipper Coat [Epic/3 lines] [Dex 6%/INT 3%/Avoid 3%] -Shark Tooth Skipper Gloves [Epic/2 lines] - Pinnacle Cape - Pinnacle Ring - Pinnacle Pendant - Pinnacle Belt - Pinnacle Epaulettle - Tsukuyomi's Epaulet [Rare/3 lines]