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Upgrading Help, whats the next step So I've finally hit 1.1m buffed. But as most people will say in this game, that's not good enough. Next month we have the new map, as well as new boss coming out, which is cool and all. But Im more so interested in being able to actually solo or duo the bosses we have now. A bunch of people I have talked to said I need to get to the equivalent of 3-4m range to be able to do what I want. So this is where I'm at... I've already accepted that most of my gear with the exception of some of it will have to go. So all advice will be appreciated. As of right now my current gear is.... 310atk/13 star Sw Dagger - legendary pot 23%atk, epic bpot 4%atk, rest is crap, 25%boss neb 43atk Dragon Khanjar - Unique pot 9%at