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Mihile boss in Evo World I have 5 Mihile cores saved up on my lv 182 demon slayer. Tomarrow I will use all of them in attempts to get my own empress items. (stupid ikr?) I already know I'd be able to deal enough damage to kill an empress instructor, as I used an Eckhart core and was able to kill him around the 14min mark. For Mihile, I know he used Damage reflect at/around 70% Hp. My previous attempts to fight Mihile have been failiures because Power Elixirs have lag to them >.< SO...What is the time/interval Mihile uses his DR, and how long does it last for? Keep in mind I'm doing this in Evo World. So if there's anything different between Cygnus Mihile, and Evo-World Mihile please do tell. Plus any tips for fighting him would help g