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why do people get so defensive over moms so today in my journalism class everyone was just talking and studying due to testing that week, we were also having a pep rally next period so everyone was pumped for that. and in all the noise some girl shouted "your mom is a b!@#$" and the girl she was addressing just clicked, she replied calmly with "say that again?" and she was dumb enough to repeat her previous sentence. i was so shocked the girl practically jet rocketed out of her seat across the room, but the other girl was smart enough to run out of the door before. as the girl who was offended ran out of the class room to chase the other one she said "i'm gonna end your f!@#$%^ life!" (while turning desks and c

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coping with bullying have you experienced bullying and how do/did you deal with it? i have long hair and don't speak very often so some people like to whisper gay (there are others words that are censored on basil) and some people do it without realizing and just treat me like a girl. it's not a big deal for me because i know my sexuality but after months on end of it is just overwhelming it's kind of tough sharing this but i don't know who else to talk (definitely not my parents)