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Trying to achieve a 100k max range hi fellow Battle mages. after a few years of playing my Bam and loving her i think its time to invest some money to my girl. right now Fully buffed wth MW13 i at a 68k range. Almost clean Empress (all with bad pot) a lvl 150 sengoku staff 187m.att with 33% pdr (15% on rare Pot and 18% from Neb). im going to buy a cube package during the Miracle time tomorrow. hoping for Boss or better %PDR. or should i focus on my Empress eqps (overall and shoes have 3% gloves, cape,hat,sholder have crap pot) this is the first time im Funding any of my characters. so i'd be very grateful if the community can help me also side question: how much would i be hitting a line with Finishing Blow and BKB? with a 100k range