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General Shadower

A revamp dawns upon us According to a new southperry thread : We will be having assassinate's animation changed. I'm conflicted about it. I love the theme of darkness and purple, but the first three hits seems flimsy. The last hit looks hot though. I was hoping for more of a jagged look for the three hits. We also get shadowers instinct revamped. From what I can tell, each body point is now 10 attack rather than 6 (YAY) so now we have in total, a 70 attack buff. Phase dash delay is from 1200 ms-> 1020 ms now, so not bad. We needed that. It's a slow piece of junk. Lf> assaulter And lastly, a new shadow partner animation. I'm indifferent about this, but it does fit with the assassinate theme of darkness so I guess I kinda like it. What