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Shadower vs. Db one v one So when it comes to their one v one skill, which one deals more % dmg? I'm having calculating it due to the speed of each one of their attacks. I. Know db's is .710ms(post revamp) and .810ms currently. but shads I've calculated is around 1.660ms including the final hit? so by this, Shads Nate is: 627(1.2-Hyper)(1.25-Bstep passive)= 940.5% per hit. since there is 3 hits, it is 2821.5% total. And now for the last hit : 1320(1.2-Hyper)(1.25 Bstep Passive)= 1980%. 2821.5+ 1980= 4801.5% WITHOUT SHADOW PARNTER. With it is 8162.55%. Now moving onto DB. 200(1.2-Hyper)= 240. 240(7)= 1680%. 1680(1.6-Final Cut)(1.7-Shadowpartner)= 4569.6% dmg for every 810ms now with this data, DB is better and with the revamp even more so. B