Repentant #Battlemage Talk

General Battlemage

Learning Finishing Blow makes Battle BurstTele unusable? Right, so I discovered something odd while leveling my Battle Mage. Before hitting level 100, I was using Battle Burst+Teleport frequently. It was a lot of fun and I loved the mobility it provided. But after hitting 4th job, I noticed I couldn't use Teleport during Battle Burst's animation anymore. Instead I had to wait for the animation to end (or use FB) before I could tele again. Trying to figure out what changed, I bought an SP reset scroll. I put my SP back in my 1st-3rd job skills and, once again, I could Battle Burst+Tele normally. So I knew one of my 4th job skills was causing Battle Burst to act screwy. My plan was to go down the list and figure out the offending skill, and a