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Hyper Stat calculator for Heroes Well since V update reset our hyper stats, time for this thing again since last thread is locked. Changes from previous version -Puncture added (before I assume it was +20% flat min/max crit damage when in fact it was 1.2x min/max crit) -min/max critical damage condensed into critical damage Since status resistance is not as important anymore, everyone should have more points to spend on other stuff. The calculator do not take into consideration into ignore defense, so put points into ignore defense if you need it before you use the calculator. Consider putting points into %HP only if it will help you tank the flame breath in Chaos Crimson Queen.

General Hero

Guidelines on spending hyper stats point as a Hero April 2 update: Added calculation detailing raging blow. Dec 11 update: Added buttons to save more time, revised hyper STR calculation to account for DEX This calculator should be compatible with most class assuming enrage and ACA is unchecked. Main formula used to compare damage. (new) / (old) = %overall damage improvement %overall damage increase / points required to level = %overall damage increase per point spent How to use this: The ideal build to optimize damage is based on your current stats at that time and the number of points required to level up the hyper stats. This deal only with total, boss, str, crit rate, min/max crit. 1. Make a tally of your current stats 2. Calculate or in