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Fluttering Camellia Flower on Zero, Da, and Cannoneer Does anyone know what the Fluttering Camellia Flower nx weapon looks like on a Zero, DA, and Cannoneer? Since those classes hold their weapons on their backs, they hold nx weapons differently. I tried bannedstory and mapleme but they dont have a stance specialized for those classes, it's just "standing" or "standing 1". If anyone has the weapon on a zero, da, or cannoneer, or any other class that holds weapons on their backs/hold nx weapons like those classes, please please please show me what it looks like though imgur or something. Thanks! (: p.s. I'm also looking to buy that weapon in windia. pm me if you have it~

General Fashion

Rate this look please Hi guys, I'm back with another look. In the picture, I put some other versions that took your guys' suggestions into account (no bandaid, no hat, no tail, change hair). 1 is the original, 4 is showing you why I put a weapon that covers the stomach and thighs, and 2, 3, 5, and 6 are the other versions with your guys' suggestions. Again, rate it however you want, whether it be a number, an adjective, an onomatopoeia, etc. (that url though) The color scheme is yellow/black with brown and beige, but not many items fit the criteria while looking good and/or fitting the theme. I originally had it with a rifle blade, but seeing as how that weapon isn't released yet, I thought I'd just use a different weapon for now. I'm open