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General Phantom

Phantoms around winter Since arrow platter is being moved to 3rd job around winter, would it be better to use arrow platter + arrow platter turret + frozen orb (assuming it's fixed by then) or arrow platter + arrow platter turret + cross surge? basically, frozen orb v cross surge. If you hit cap, i think the first one would be better, so I'm wondering which would do more damage. Keep in mind cross surge is getting changed to 80% for dk (not sure how much it is for phantom), and arrow platter got changed to 120ms delay (8.33/s), 181% damage, and 125% turret damage. Also, would it be better to replace arrow platter (not turret) with mille since mille is 11/s?

General Phantom

Cooldown Reduce Hat and Frozen Orb When commenting on this thread, please keep the pre v150 frozen orb in mind. I know you can get 1 or 2 sec cd reduction on hats' potentials, but can you have multiple lines of cd reduce? If not, ignore the rest of this post. With at least 4 sec of cd reduce (since frozen orb is 1.51s cast time), how good would frozen orb be [b][/b]if it behaved the way it did pre v150[i][/i]? I read that frozen orb does ~17 hits per cast, so 3.65 hits/s at 210ms in between hits (source: GoXDS's "I/l Buff in Kmst 1.2.508" thread) How good would phantoms be if you did arrow platter turret post kmst 1.2.509 + frozen orb spam pre v150? This kinda ties in with my previous phantom thread. I'm just curious as to how op