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General Fashion

Recommendations for Looks I'm hoping to save up for some NX this year (anywhere between Christmas and Summer of 2015) so I would like to customize some of my characters. What are your thoughts on these chars? [url=]Current Looks[/url] [url=]New Looks[/url] The Characters are (from Top Left to Top Right, Bottom Left to Bottom Right) Phoenixinide - Bow Master (MapleMe didn't have the Chicky Pile ;~; but I'll be keeping it) Ganmasen - Jett [b](I'd also like to ask if AstarothPQ is still available? For the Gun) [/b] Dekibae - Beast Tamer Muekina - Demon Avenger CartesRose - Phantom HerNarwhal - Thunder Breaker (Labeled as Buccaneer because TB's Character Selection Optio