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Video Game x Brain I believe the greatest reason I have come across to not play games like Maplestory and to instead play other casual 3d games is that addiction to videogames and too much videogame playing may lead to poor health and decreased function of the brain, something I wouldn't personally want since it affects socialization, academics, memory, whereas casual 3d game playing that requires somewhat difficult hand-eye coordination and strategy in a 3d environment may lead to increased brain function. Maplestory is 2d and does not require much hand-eye coordination at all, and it is made so you would do repetitive tasks for hours on end to get through it. It seems like one of the most unhealthy games for the brain. Whereas you have ot


Maplestory X Depression X Breaks X Prevention Method I have always wondered why it seemed to me that Maplestory players seemed to have some depression, sadness, or anger -- perhaps a high amount of emotions. I wasn't sure if it was caused by Maplestory, or maybe if depressed people would flock to the game, and perhaps if I was seeing a connection that wasn't there. However, now I have somewhat of an idea that it could actually be caused by playing Maplestory for extended period. I do not believe everyone is aware of this information, because otherwise it would be talked about more and we may have guides on how to play healthily, So I will disseminate this information given the chance this may help someone. Coupling ideas from my non-detaile