Yondaime #General Talk


chef master event "Earn rewards such as different chef outfits, hats, weapon covers, and even Beefy's Food Truck Mount! You can also craft some tasty weapons, and get access to lots of great cash items--simply by making them yourself! Pet skills, Scissors of Karma, and Water of Life are just a few of the items you can create. July 22 - September 15 Requirements: Lv. 33 and above In this event, you can use Beefy Coins to purchase ingredients and cook up your own items! Beefy Coins are dropped from monsters within your level range and once your kitchen has upgraded to Stage 3, you can obtain an extra 10 Beefy Coins from the crate in your kitchen. To begin the event, click the Beefy's Kitchen icon located in the Star event menu on the lef