5th job Open Advancement

Hey all, I have a few questions. With 5th job, if I farm cores on my bowmaster, what happens when I switch to MM? Do I lose them all? I'd love to find both for 5th job but am worried I'll have to make an early initial decision.

Also, what has the better 5th job damage overall? I have inner attack speed +1 and decent si gloves if that helps, but my bowmaster equips are slightly better. I switched to BM cause MM's old cap was lame, but now with no damage cap I was wondering which is better for bossing with equal funding. Ps I like the play style of both! Played each for about 3 years each.

December 1, 2016

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which class is better at grinding though? bms and mms?

Reply December 2, 2016

Depends on what you find more enjoyable to train really but the cores will remain unless you disassemble them.

Reply December 2, 2016

Test it out on a Dojo Scarecrow Dummy. I think after Limitless, Marksman probably has a little bit of an edge, but after we get 5th job skills, I believe Bowmaster's 5th job skill (Arrow Rain, called Storm of Arrows in GMS) is a lot more powerful and sustainable. It procs Magic Arrows, Mortal Blow, and Armor Break, also hits around 10 times a second, basically an extra Hurricane.

Additionally: people don't realize it, but Bowmaster does benefit from the cap being raised due to Armor Break. (Example: Armor Break giving you +300% final damage every 1 sec on Chaos Vellum. If you were doing 20m lines before Limitless, then you'd be capped at 50m where after Limitless you would be doing 80m with Armor Break.)

Play what you like though, as usual.

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Your cores stay but obviously you can't use them on a non compatible class, and I believe MM will be better with a 10b cap.

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