What popular anime character has a beard

So there is going to be a anime convention happening soon where I am going to be visiting.

I never been to a anime convention and apparently my friends who are going are going to dress up.
Cool thing about them that they have no beard.
[i]*we are a group of 8 and 4 of us went last year and told us how it was so this year there is a bigger group going[/i]

I have a beard and I want to dress up.
But I would like to dress up in an outfit that will be cool and something that is popular with older generations.
I was thinking of DBZ or FMA or anything that was mainstream and before 2005.
[i]Right now I see a nice DragonBall Z Goku outfit for an affordable price but would it be weird seeing a brown guy with a beard wearing a Goku outfit.[/i]
I don't remember any popular characters have a beard, it is like Japan hates beards.

Do you know what character I should dress up as?
My beard looks like this but it is black.

Also I am buying the outfit here since my friend who went last year has an account on that site and we are all picking the outfit at his house.

March 29, 2014

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[quote=xoqtprincessxo]Old man JOJO[/quote]

i spent all day trying to think of one and then came in to post this, curse you

ot: [url=]bearded kenshiro[/url], [url=]garterbelt[/url], [url=]daizaemon kaze[/url], or [url=]jigen[/url]?

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Asuma from naruto

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Old man JOJO

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