Will 25Star flames make Absolab overall good?

So we got flames, we got the 151+ tier potentials.

If we get 25 stars it seems like absolab pushes CRA and tyrant out of the picture, actually I'm not too sure on one thing.

What about the absolab overall? Is it better than CRA top+bottom if 25stars come in? Consider their set effects and the other CRA/absolab set pieces. Ignore SW because nobody knows how that will play out.

Sure CRA has 2x potentials and more scroll slots, but absolab could have 25stars on top of their better flames and higher tier potential. High star absolabs make tyrants obsolete for endgame, so it's not like CRA is good to make room for tyrant anymore.

July 10, 2018

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@deeemon: nah its fine with how dead this place is, maybe someone else could use the answer.

@tagminhin this isnt a PS everyone knows GMS equips only has 1 flame per equip, not 25.

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lol, noob. 25 flames makes absolab overall garbage. and so is cra set. stop making bad equipments

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@beefly: Oh, I sorry for necroposting. Can now see why threads lock up after 2 weeks.

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lol where did you guys come from? I gave up waiting after like a week. I already kno CRA is better.

I only suspect absolab > CRA because absolab gets more stats/atk per star, and a better flame for being lv160. Kind of thought all that stuff could shake off CRA's 2x potential, but I guess not or not realistically.

@deeemon over 15 stars your armors/acc start to get more stats and atk per star

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If you're going full Abso (at least as much as possible) it's most likely best to run 3 set CRA (no wep) + 5 set Abso in order to get the maximum bonuses from the set effects.

As mentioned everything 138+ will be able to get 25* and 3 set CRA = +50 atk/matk while 7 set abso is +40 atk/matk + 10% IED. Not to mention with the CRA setup you get a theoretical +3% (absolute max) of stats due to the top/bottom setup even though it's 1 tier lower.

SW transposition is still under question because we don't know if SW is allowed to get to 25* (though from a recent post in reddit the acc's had 25*). If this is the case then there are strong contenders due to transposition.

Anyways, enough blabbering. Using top/bottom will always be better for now.

*edit* Also, forgot to mention but doubling up on the flames/starforce stats from having a top/bottom.

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CRA also gets 25, or more realistically 22 stars. Its too much to ignore the double potential, star force and scrolling possible then to go for absolab overall.

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CRA should be getting 25 stars too.
I believe level 138 is the minimum level for having 25 stars.
Tyrant gear is an exception, I think. They're limited to 15.

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Stop playing Ms and play Ms2

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itll make the weapon have a wayyyyy higher ceiling

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suppose you wanna go from 15 to 25 star. Is that like enhancing Tyrant equip. 50% or smaller change against huge costs ?

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I don't get it. How big the difference between 15 stars and 25 stars? How many more stats?

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