Purification Totem Drop Rate

Did they nerf the drop rate on these or something?...

July 26, 2013

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Glitched LHC key quests 2 years folks, wonder how much longer. + this glitch existed way before this thread.

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[quote=Zyanid]I did all the quests and I've been killing 300 monsters everyday for the attendance event and I've only picked up like 10-20 totems, so I would say the drop rate has definitely been lowered. Best way to get them now is to kill Ani for boxes. You get 20 totems per box at a relatively high rate.[/quote]

Where do I go to kill Ani? o-o

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This sucks. :I I need 300 for the overall.

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Yea, some months ago they nerfed horribly the drop rate. Sucks because I had over 100+ coins. I had to say good-bye to my charm farm

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yes. the drop rate has been nerfed since von leon was instanced, maybe even before that.
if you want purification totems, fight ani and collect his box. the box has a chance of containing 20 purification totems.

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Ehhhh, i think the reason why they were dropping a lot was because everyone was killing the monsters, and when you are in a party, all drops become available. Now its a ghost town and they raised the drop rate of weapons i think. (i used to get maybe 1-3 weapons on an lhc day, now i get 1 every 5-10 kills)

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