Unsure of dex cap

To start, I'm not funded at all - I only have 10mil on me + a clean Dep Star and 9att WG. I've done a lot of research on DBs and would really like to make one my main, but I'm afraid of screwing myself over. It's likely that once I reach a high enough level later game, I'd be more funded, therefore can support a lower dex cap. In early game as in now, I wouldn't be able to have a nice low cap, but rather a cap of 80~100, so in retrospect I could have a cap of 80 and be skyrocketing in added dex through the better equips I could have later game once more funded. What should I do?

January 6, 2011

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[quote=HoiiowHope]It all depends on your funding later, you said you don't want to stuff yourself over later.

Some basic dex equips equips you probably might have in mind to prevent your base DEX from rising:
- Zakum Helmet: 15
- Deputy Star: 5 Dex
- 15 Dex Cape (with potential?)
- 10-20 DEX Earrings (with potential?)
- Belt: White (100%= 4 dex)
- Gloves (MAKER= 10mil for 2 dex/ 60% dex scroll) = around 5-10 dex.
- 10 Dex Shoes (Potential?)

Total: That's 64 minimum dex there.

If you can buy equips with more % DEX/ All stats % = higher dex.

Its also entirely possible to remain 25 DEX Base while retaining decent damage with Alien Equipment out such as 2nd Welcome Daggers= 20-50mil ish for decent ATT.

I played my Shadower with 25 DEX BASE and used basic dex equips until I could afford better gear. I can't play it anymore without a CTHP but I don't regret not staying DEXless.

At the moment my Dual Blade is 45 DEX BASE and I regret going beyond 25 DEX as I already have 170 DEX without a CTHP which I'll be moving over.
= Over 200 DEX with 45 DEX BASE.

I can switch my equips for LUK instead of DEX but I'll always excel beyond the necessary DEX. Its more flexible on my Shadower without any regrets.
This is assuming you are reluctant spend over 50K NX resetting your stats.

You basically will sacrifice damage to maintain your BASE DEX until you can afford % all stats equips that can help sub in your DEX requirements while pumping out nice LUK% or LUK from potential.

Summary: Try remain low DEX as possible as you won't wish to STAT Reset.[/quote]

Thanks for the idea of equips I could look out for.

I'm curious to know how much funding you put into your Shadower and/or DB. Sounds like an awful lot. I'd also like to know what end game items one should strive for.
I don't mind sacrificing the damage until I can do something about it, as long as I can play with no regret, it's fine.

One thing that I don't know what to do with is when I read people say that one should go for an xx dex cape or xx dex earrings. I don't know what kind of cape to go for or what kind of earrings. Or is it limitless?

Thanks a BUNCH so far!

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[quote=SuperShellos]Um, even though i haven't played a db before, i have a low dex hermit, so this is what i would recomend:
In the begining, try to map out your ap, and find a dex cap that seems suitable, for exampl, i planned out 60 base, even though i didn't really have funds, lol
Then, attempt to, as you will be unfunded, support your weapons system with weapons with no or low dex requirement. For example, maple weapons, and things like the diamond dagger (nodex, i believe, but 8 str from your dep) From there, at 3rd job, as you have used up your dexless eq's, you should start to get some funds from just training in general. Then you can start improving your dex eq's- such as overall, shoes, belt ect. I would recomend getting a dex overall first.
This is what i did with my sin, hope it helps[/quote]

That helps, actually. I've been thinking about planning out the dex, but it looks like I have to do it manually as there's no calculators for AP distribution out there with what I'm looking for. Going to be tedious.

Apparently DBs try to go for 120 dex in order to wear the level 80 top and bottom, and I'd like to go for that, too, so I'm not going to try for a dex overall, however I'm still unsure about this path.

Thanks for the input!

[quote=abinelly12345]Umm. yeah use stuff lower then ur level. Damage at that level doesnt matter. Just stick with the stuff u can equip. I used a level 30 dagger and katara till 70 and i was fine.[/quote]

Alright, seems okay. Thanks!

[quote=xd34throwz]i failed i cap my dex at 90 i should have left it at 50 or 60[/quote]

That's what I'm trying to avoid. Does an outcome of ending up funded usually happen, though?

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i failed i cap my dex at 90 i should have left it at 50 or 60

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[quote=abinelly12345]Umm, well try to have a low dex cap at early game. Have enough dex with equips so that u can equip level 80 stuff. That should be good till you hit 120. Once you hit 120, u can see how much money you have and see if you need to add more dex. I have 77 base dex and have over 160 dex. Im not that funded though. Just try to keep as low as possible.[/quote]

I know about keeping it as low as my funding goes and having enough to equip level 80 stuff, but it's the initial dex that I'm worrying about. A lot of items come into play for helping my dex go up once I hit 50, but even then, a Zhelm wouldn't be there for me to give the best boost at that time. Should I just use kataras/ daggers lower than my level until I can do something about it?

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