Broa: Need merchanting help

I just came back after a 1 year quit. The last time I was on top of prices was back in '07, clearly a long time from now. I am highly unfunded and always have been, but that's only because I haven't attempted to sell various things. I'd like it if a person who knows Broa's market help me with p/cs.

[b]TEE ELL;DEE ARE[/b] I need someone who can help with p/cs on various THANGZ in Broa.


December 31, 2010

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[quote=hollowedazn]What would you like to know.. ?[/quote]

Many things, that's why I need to find someone who can guide/ help me, not just get people to list their thoughts.
Looking to connect in game for further help.

Reply December 31, 2010