What Should I Do About a Cape?

Hi, guys. Before Big Bang came out I scrolled a 13 INT, 8 MATK hammered PuAC, and I recently used a potential scroll on it. I've gotten it to 2 lines unique, but the potential isn't that great. I know that I'll probably use some more cubes on it before (and if) I decide to sell it. But should I be using a different cape? I've only asked a few people and they told me to stick with this PuAC since it's scrolled not too badly. Are there any better options? Also, how much would my PuAC be worth in case I decide to change capes?

I'm kind of still learning about potential and item values since I've only recently started playing a little bit since last summer.

February 14, 2011

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2 line unique is good.
Rough guess is you could sell for 550-650
Just use it
buy some NX cubes and use them to try for better potential!

Reply February 14, 2011