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PIC Reset not sending confirmation email I just got my friend to come back to Maple after 2 years of not playing and he's forgotten the pic for one of his accounts. We tried doing the PIC reset on the nexon site, but it never sends the email for us to finish off the reset. Thought it might just be something wrong with his account, so we tried it on mine as well. Still got no email. So then we tried submitting a ticket on nexon's support site. We've already submitted two tickets but they keep getting auto-closed with auto-generated message telling us to do what we've already done. But then I noticed that they said to click on a BLUE button for the PIC reset. On both of our accounts the reset button is gray. Does this mean that PIC resets are impossible at this time? If so, are they gonna work again sometime soon, like possibly after the Chaos patch? We're getting pretty frustrated about this and I'm considering calling nexon and seeing if that will do more than submitting a ticket. EDIT: Just called nexon. They don't offer "social support" for account related issues..... EDIT part 2: I apologize for making a useless thread. Just tried the PIC reset again today and it worked. o.O

0 May 27, 2011

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Thanks for the replies. bananadevontay: Yeah, I found that site too in a thread, already tried it and it didn't work. letsallpoo: Very sure I was checking the right one. The thing that made it work for me was a solution I found on a random thread in a google search. Apparently you have to wait for a bit after the page loads before you click on the PIC reset button. Even though it says the page finished loading I guess there's still something that needs to finish in the background.

Reply May 28, 2011
Are you sure you're checking the correct e-mail? I had that problem and it turns out I was on the wrong one :S
Reply May 27, 2011
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