Question about Karma Coin

I'm debating if I should buy 10$ worth of nx...
How can I make money from buying 10$ worth of nx?

March 11, 2015

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but in all seriousness
you can sell gift, if u arent worried of breaking nexon tos, for like 200-250m per k?
or u can open premium nx boxes

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My friend actually did that^. His real name was Loi, and made his maple boyfriend think his name was Lily. LMFAO the guy legitimately gave him NX and billions in mesos whenever Loi, or Lily, asked lol.
They got married in Maple and the guy dressed Loi's avatar up with a bunch of NX equips to make her look like a henehoe

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step 1: make a girl character
step 2:Use Royal face
step 3: Use royal hair
Step 4: Find unsuspecting rich guy in hene
step 5: make him fall in love with you
step 6: ?
step 7: children
step 8: be funded for the rest of your maple career

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