Attendance marks getting deleted?

Hey I've been trying to do attendance on multiple worlds per account but the attendance marks keep getting deleted for anyone other than the first character. Like the first characters on my accounts are all at 3 days now but all the other ones only have 1 and can't complete the quest, even though that shouldn't happen since we got 1 free day and I've done 2 days on each of them.

Is this happening to anyone else?

March 4, 2017

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@ecarina: Never work too hard when the game can cheat through loopholes.

Was referring to not spending too much time or money, but that unfortunately includes cheating the game itself without loopholes. I'd probably get my account hacked if I try that.

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@littletlk: I find it weird that they specify that the attendance is "per world" in the patch notes but try to prevent us from doing it on multiple worlds. It makes sense because of how good the rewards are though, and it's a very Nexon move to explicitly allow us to do something then punish us for trying to do it.

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It looks like they attempted to block players from doing this, and in doing so introduced some glitches.
Do not attempt to do attendance on characters in different servers int he same alliance. (For example, if you play in broa and are doing attendance there, do not attempt to do attendance on a character in khaini, this will reset your attendance counts in Broa).

Note: my attendance marks on my alt accounts got reset when doing this, but on my main account, the reverse happened: my broa character's counts stayed the same, but my khaini character's counts reset

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Happening to me and I couldn't do the third one, the attendance quest wasn't on the star notifier

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