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tl;dr How would you make the weapon system in ms more interesting? Also should I make this whole periodic/weekly workshop threads thing a regular thing?

Heyo there several people. So the Binding of Isaac subreddit had, up until recently, had weekly threads called item workshops. The point was basically just for players to make suggestions on how to improve or alter the items to make them more interesting, without really thinking of balance or whether or not the ideas could/would actually be implemented in the game. As a result, people came up with a lot of off-the-wall ideas and it was a good time. So, since Basil's not especially active, I was thinking a periodic thread topic like that could be fun and maybe get people coming back to the site more often.

So for example, the one I was thinking of when bored in class earlier today: Weapons.

Weapons in MS are pretty linear. The lvl 100 weapon is better than the lvl 90 weapon in every way, aside from a few older ones maybe having better attack speed. So my idea would be for different weapons to have different effects, for example:

Range - Range is really not a factor in MS aside from a few hyper skills, and is entirely dependent on the skill itself. Well what if weapons had their own range values? Maybe an Empress sword has longer range than a Fafnir sword, in exchange for lower power, which would make them more effective training weapons.

Projectile Capacity - I didn't know what else to call this. What if some claws lowered the star cost on skills, so quad throw would only use 3 stars, or maybe a gun could lower the cost of bullets. Maybe some weaker weapons wouldn't cost anything to use and would be useful for freeing up Use space if the damage difference isn't an issue. Granted, infinite throw buffs make this obsolete, but still.

Cursed Weapons - Would be powerful weapons that, in the interest of making them more difficult to use as a tradeoff, would randomly eat up a buff, forcing you to re-cast it. They probably wouldn't be useful when training in case they ate an exp buff but could be good on bosses depending on how much stronger they would be.

Backfire - This would pretty much only apply to guns, but in exchange for power they would occasionally backfire and hurt or maybe stun the player.

Yeah I was really bored in class. That was mostly just an example, if I do continue to do this the post wouldn't be as long. I mostly just didn't want any confusion on what I meant.

So yeah, how would you do it?

September 26, 2017

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I've always liked the idea of adding elemental damage to weapons. I know Pally's have that thing where they can change elements and stuff so this may not be something all that useful, but I think something like this could be interesting.

For example, you got 3 different types of level 10 knuckles, fire, water, and earth. Basically works the same way all elemental advantage works in games/anime (fire> earth, etc.)

idk if the game has anything like this already, but I think that it'd be pretty cool. Just a little something to make the weapons a bit more unique so that everyone is using the same knuckle at level 10 and such.

Also, really like the idea of something like this. Think it can generate a lot of discussion and shed light on the imagination of people who play this game.

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@ecarina: That's fine. Surprisingly I'm not too spoiled about the items or even bosses, I just realized that actually.

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@beefly: I personally like AB+ though I think I'd end up writing too much if I actually talked about it now. I like the Smelter and Gulp pills though, turning trinkets into passive effects, and the Void/Black Rune stuff is cool

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Tell me, now that afterbirth+ is out for a long time, how is it? Last I heard people were complaining about portals. I lost interest in gaming in general except maple (just dailies), but I'm thinking maybe I should go back after I finish my exams. I still haven't bought the thing. I'm kind of waiting on antibirth to add afterbirth to it.

OT: I'd probably like armors that specialize in certain traits while trading off something else. Such as decreasing cooldown, but also 1 attack speed. Or adding defense/hp but lowering damage. These traits can overwrite the old secondary stat armors and useless armors like the lv130 bloody set or necro set. So kind of like your cursed weapons idea, but mines more on armor sets. My favorite example is the Bosshunter gear, having a LOT of % boss, but nothing else, maybe lower the death count/defense.

BUT since maple is basically damage > all I doubt any of this would work. I honestly HATE how HP is so varied between not classes, but CHARACTERS that bosses have to deal %HP damage making def and hp obsolete for defensive purposes, leaving only specific buffs that decrease %hp damage.

I made a comment on how I should revamp maple itself, but I think the thread is gone and I don't want to type all that again.

EDIT: Found it,

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