how is my look?

For an I/L how would you guys rate my look? And maybe suggestions?

June 28, 2013

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so no hat.. is there a better hat you guys would recommend? I like the hair they can flame all they want. and I don't like bright eye.

Reply June 28, 2013

No hat, doesn't fit in Hair is too "big"
Everything else looks great

Reply June 28, 2013

Get a dragon familiar for the weapon, and get preferably transparent gloves and transparent shoes

Reply June 28, 2013

@FinalFreedom thanks. What items or stuff should I get if you guys want me to replace?

Reply June 28, 2013

Get the heros glove from dojo hahahahaha then swag

Reply June 28, 2013

ditch either the leaf or the blue eyes as well

Reply June 28, 2013

you got a red-black nx t-shirt, red earings, black-red cape, good F/p

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