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Animal Crystal Ball Chair

For the first time in God only knows how long there is an animal crystal ball chair (the group chair where you swing on crystal balls) in bera's FM. It seems to be in a USD shop though. Is it even worth leaving an offer in mesos or should I just forget this like it never existed in the first place? If the former, how much does it go for if anyone can estimate a meso price on it (If it's well over max, I won't bother with).


0 October 31, 2016

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@gakinotsukai: you can yolo and just leave an offer, not like it kills you or hurts you in any way. i dunno bera prices but in scania it goes for about 10b

Reply October 31, 2016

That's what I figured, perhaps I'll keep an eye out on it if it dips below max mesos but even I'm doubtful of that. Thanks.

Reply October 31, 2016

It's not worth it. Usd shops don't go for mesos.

Reply October 31, 2016