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Has Basilmarket auctions been updated for recent items?

Hello Basilmarket, I haven't played in about 2 years and so I don't know if basil has been maintained but I can't seem to find cubic blades in the add an auction. Am I just not looking in the right spot or is basil no longer really used as a primary source of trading/auctions?

Thank you for any help.

0 October 17, 2014

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Thank you for the reply, I must just be doing something wrong or both opera and IE are incompatible. When I try looking for an item with the search bar it just keeps reloading the page. I'll try a support ticket.

Reply October 17, 2014

If you don't see your item under the Item category using the seach bar, that usually means it isn't updated with the item you want to add for auction.

Reply October 17, 2014