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List of EMS exclusive items to anvil

Someone compile one please
If anyone does ill edit my post and put them here.
Since EMS and GMS will merge, they are deciding whether they will remove exclusive EMS content and items, since we don't know what that includes its a good idea to try and anvil things and hopefully be able to keep them. Good Luck EMSers

June 7, 2016

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Everyone here saying good stuff that id say is valid but where is my list of exclusive items f3

Reply June 8, 2016

EMS has no IP block for GMS region. Just come here and beg for anvil service I guess if you want exclusives.

Reply June 8, 2016

@lycanthropods: Define a "full merge"? The servers wont join up with any of ours, and will probably remain in Europe so European Maplers can still play the game without suffering from lag. Reasoning behind this is probably because EMS didn't make enough money compared to the cost of developing and managing a seperate server, so joining up with Global MS and receiving the same updates/patches require fewer people and therefore saving money for Nexon.

"If you are a Nexon America player, there is no real impact to your service. Once the game migration phase is completed later this year, the existing Europe MapleStory servers will be available to you when you log into the game. This will allow you to create characters to play with your European friends if you wish to do so."

Basically they'll be like any other server ex: Reboot, Scania, Broa etc etc. So to actually move over anviled stuff, you'd need to wait for a server transfer event, and even then you may not be able to move your character there. There may be limitations like there have been in the past.

Reply June 8, 2016

@funkyflame: Their long term goal here seems to be wanting to allow full merges with EMS. Otherwise why would they even remove the exclusive items that EMS has in the first place, if there is never an intention of a possible merge in the future.

Reply June 7, 2016

can u medal anvil the 50atk/100atk ones

Reply June 7, 2016

Note that just because they're joining our server does not mean that they are merging into ours. You'd have to wait for a world transfer/merge event, if they even make it possible to move through those servers.

Reply June 7, 2016