Evan's very LOW Damage

My evan deals really low damage on level 85.. enemies near my level won't die with one hit eventhough i'm wearing 5/5 enchanted Pearl Maple Set.. is that normal? i spend like 15 min to kill 50 lvl75 monsters.... please can i get a solution

May 28, 2018

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I wouldn't worry too much about damage until level 150, when you are able to get Fafnir and tyrants. And true endgame progression starts at 200, so I would just continue, try focusing on leveling your character up as your main priority (for now)

If you are finding it hard to kill mobs, get some traces 70% trace your equips and starforce them. IT should give you a decent boost, to be able to kill mobs a bit faster.

Reply May 29, 2018

is keeping these equipements good? or can you recommend better ones?
thanks for help !

Reply May 29, 2018

It might be normal. Some say not to worry about damage until level 140 or 150.
Some things you can do is, get level 2 link skills, use/improve legion thing, and maybe get Elemental Decrease, Magic Amplification and Critical Magic as soon as possible if you haven't already.

Reply May 29, 2018