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Help plz with damage increase on my priest My current equips on my bera priest lvl 103: stats of my char currently str(4+54) dex(4+52) int(432+110) luk(100+56) dam range 2667-3556 10%crit equips: zhelm 16/15/24/15 4 slots 2lined unique 4% int and avd 6% tree branch nose 5str and 4 dex 2 avd 4 slots 3 lined rare 2hpevery 4sec acc 4 luk 1 broken glasses 1/1/3/1 0 slots 2lined 50mp dex3 Puac 8matt clean no pot black oiental fury coat 6int 3 luk clean 2lined bad pot dark penance 6innt clean no pot dep star clean 3 lined 3luk 3 str 50 mdef maple pyrope wand 8int 2 luk 106 matt 1acc 1star 0slots 2lined 80hp 16 acc free spirit piercing 1/1/5/1 7matt 1star 0 slot3lined 6 int 9 luk 10avd zombie ring,explorer magical ringm, evo ringII17,evo ring I 5

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