Wind Archer DIPQ

How do you Wind Archers do DIPQ?

I'm trying to get to lvl 170 in order to get my favorite hyper skill (he's level 163 atm). I can't seem do DIPQ effectively (about a 3/10 chance of me failing). What skills do you use to kill more effectively? Any tips/tricks you recommend? Or is basically just spamming the spiral wind skill.

January 22, 2016

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i get perma stunned so idk

Reply January 24, 2016

I dont use the spiral wind skill at all. Song of heaven for everything and triffling wind will get the mobs

Reply January 23, 2016

@whatthefail: Thanks, that was really the only stage that killed me. Kept using the flower thinking that it'd be a good idea. I'll try it out next time. Thanks for the help!

Reply January 23, 2016

Use song of heaven during the flying mob stage and stand on the far left. Don't use emerald flower on that stage or the mobs will fly away.

Reply January 22, 2016