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wait wtf the top 5 i am probably really late but i just got back and wow fangblade is like 2000 w0000w maplestory is gay. yes, it sucks runescapes d

0 August 3, 2013

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[quote=TorfehMerci]All I did in rune scape was kill cows and sell leather[/quote] All I ever did was start the tutorial and quitting the game in less than a minute...

Reply August 3, 2013

there's always someone better. stop whining. leave the past behind and move farward!

Reply August 3, 2013
he will always be #1 in our heart except for them sushi and tiger fans fangblade
Reply August 3, 2013
All I did in rune scape was kill cows and sell leather
Reply August 3, 2013
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