which cores to use for evo lab?

Which cores can I use to get the most exp as possible in evo lab?

July 7, 2013

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No, not in shops.
you have to hunt for them, which is really hard.
Get a familiar with drop rate, greed pendant (20% drop rate), epic or unique ability drop rate(8-13%), wealth potion and some other stuff to
make your drop rate better.

Reply July 7, 2013

Dont bother. You will just waste your cores.

Reply July 7, 2013

Do they have some of those in their shops?
Can I buy some with mesos?

Reply July 7, 2013

20x hp
10% party exp or more
70-100% monster population.

Reply July 7, 2013

9001% Hp core and 100% Population

Reply July 7, 2013