Stuck on a skill quest?

Hey guys
I just came back from the dead and I clicked on this quest tab on the left of my screen. Then I clicked on the skill quest to accept it i think. and like now im stuck like this
Any idea how to get out if this?

June 21, 2014

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I just finished trying those two methods. they didn't work sadly q.q
thanks for trying to help tho!

Reply June 22, 2014

Hey there,
If that's a prequest of any sort, and you can't move your character/can't open anything then the best thing to do is close maple, and restart your computer.
I'm not even kidding, it has happened to me and that was the only option (I got stuck to the RA prequests)

I guess it's possible that when you re download maplestory and haven't restarted it yet so not all functions are avaliable.

Reply June 21, 2014