PC 105 ATK 6 DMG 12 ATK 3 lined Dragonfire Revolver

Like the title says, if anyone knows price for a 105 ATK, 6% Total Damage +12ATK Dragonfire Revolver is worth, it'd be greatly appreciated.

I have an offer of 1.5b for it atm. Does that sound good? or could it go higher?


July 24, 2011

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'kay well, I'm a huge idiot, and just put the gun in my shop for 120m by accident...

So.. please nobody tell me the actual price now Dx and to whoever bought that gun, if you're reading this, you're one lucky mofo ):

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It's epic, unenhanced, and hammered twice.
and yeah I'm trying to get it sold but nobody seems to be interested Dx

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I sold a 116att 2line 3%dex +6att revolver for 1.8b in scania... so you could probably get like 1,6b for that

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