P/C on Clean White Mop in Chaos

So I decided to try Gachapon and got...this...mop. Can anyone in Chaos tell me how much it's worth?

Thanks in advance!

November 14, 2011

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Alright. Thanks, guys.

Reply November 14, 2011

Not worth much iirc, maybe 50m or so. I'd just hang onto it because it looks pretty cool.

Reply November 14, 2011

dont npc it. its pretty rare just keep it for looks.

Reply November 14, 2011

[quote=Lop]I smell a troll.[/quote]

Who's trolling? It's a weapon, I haven't seen it in FM before, therefore I want a price check. Sheesh.

[quote=iCows][/quote] would be better to NPC it? Bummer.

Reply November 14, 2011 - edited