Any advice for taking on Ravana?

I'm level 98 and currently have 7 Sunbursts with three of them expiring on the 20th. I really want to get a Ravana Helm before the Golden Temple closes again and would like some tips from the ones who have battled Ravana already.

-Would Ginger Ales suffice for keeping myself alive?
-I have 5 Wheel of Destiny...just in case.
-Does Ravana drop a helmet on both the normal and mirrored sides of the temple?
-When I can recruit a partner, what level should he or she be?

I know I'm probably underleveled for this but I cannot miss this opportunity. o.o

November 17, 2011

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Dun worry, you'll be fine, the 4th ver. of Ravana only deals about 1k~2k damage, and you won't be fighting 4th ver. unless you head towards the Mirror GT.

Reply November 18, 2011