Maple V rewards

Trying to do the maple V rewards and idk what or where an Inferno wolf is or Pollo and Fritto can someone explain these to me

January 26, 2017

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4 Steps:
1. Activate 2 runes (wait 30 mins I think)
2. Participate in Bounty Hunter Portal thing (wait 30 mins (I think) to get reward, AFTER getting rune reward)
3. Defeat 1 elite boss (wait 1 hr (I think) to get reward, AFTER getting Bounty Hunter participation reward)
4. Participate in hunting the Inferno Wolf (wait 1 hr (I think) to get reward, AFTER getting Elite Boss reward)

Basically kill monsters 10 levels above/15 below until you activate 2 runes, and enter the Bounty Hunter Portal when it shows up. Then keep mobbing until you get an elite (or look for one), then mob until the Inferno Den portal shows up.

Hopefully you understand this.

Reply January 26, 2017

true but i wanted to get the first 2 rewards

Reply January 26, 2017

Kill mobs within your lv range to make those portals spawn, you are kinda late for v play anyways.

Reply January 26, 2017