KMST 1.2.047 patch

In case there's any Basilers that do not use Reddit, here is my thread in Reddit.

TLDR ; NL (RIP), I/L, Bishop, Dawn Warrior nerfed. NW, BaM, DB, WH buffed.

February 22, 2017

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Horde rune will be gone......

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-Inferno Wolf's Max HP is increased

That's not gonna help if they're preventing hackers with exploited damage from defeating it within seconds. Nexon blocked those hacks but there are still those with the exploited damage hack. They're ruining Dojo rankings. It's pathetic how they block it, not ban those with it & ban me from an accidental exploited that's been caused randomly. Loads of stacks of Special Potential Scroll & Silver Potential Stamp duped into my inventory. Sent ticket+report on their forum, then banned me & removed my rankings(my main Ejay in Scania). They wanted info on how this happened, but I denied to explain since they want to block my account during the event(Play V Rewards Event) that I was so close to finishing. Now I have to start over on a new account since I'm off rank for false ban.

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u have a cute avatar

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